Rota Scheduler

Make Employee Scheduling Simple

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If you run a small business and you have to manage your staff rota. You know how difficult it gets.

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Manage your staff with your figure tip

We understand how difficult it is to manage your staff because we know how frequently business needs to change or replace staff. Hence we made it super simple to manage your staff. Just go to your staff section and you are done.

I run a small jewellery business and when I got to know about this idea, I instantly registered my interest. I can't wait!

Denis Dalitz, Business Owner
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Better understand your Business with your Team

If you educate your team about your business, they tend to do a better job. So why now schedule rota in advance and let them know when you need them in advance.

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Notify your staff instantly

Even after you scheduled a rota for your staff, many times it happens that they do not get notified. We have resolved this issue with a simple trick. We do it in 2 steps. 1st we notify your staff on our app and 2nd we send them an automated message on WhatsApp!

I run a cleaning business and I totally understand the pain behind the staff scheduling activity. I am so excited to see this app live.

Marcia Hill, Cleaning Business Owner
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Seamless WhatsApp Integration for better communication

We understand good communication is the key to operating a profitable business. Hence we integrated WhatsApp tightly with our app so that you can rely on it.

WhatsApp Integration

A better way to connect with your business.

In order to run your business successfully you need an amazing team. But when if they are not happy, or they have some kind of challenges in their personal life and you do not know about it? Not just it will hurt their personal life but also your business because ultimately, it's your team which makes your business amazing.

We understand this pain and that's why we build a super simple, easy-to-use mobile-first Rota Scheduler App. You can not just schedule shifts for your team, it automatically notifies your team members and can accept or deny the shifts and you can chat with them easily.


Schedule rota for your team members easily with a few clicks. You can also copy schedules you created before.


Once you are done scheduling the shifts, you can be sure that the assignments were done instantly. If the user denies your request. You can change it as per the availability of other team members.

Instant Notifications

Instantly after scheduling shifts, your staff will receive notifications on their mobile phones. So it is easy for them to plan their day accordingly.

24x7 Support

We provide you with world-class 24x7 in-app support via our support system. Not just that we have a robust knowledge base to help you out.